• More information about Little Acorns Nursery & pre-school in Hindley Green.
  • More information about Little Acorns Nursery & pre-school in Hindley Green.

Fees and Payments

Please get in touch and we will clarify the nursery’s fee structure for the number of childcare sessions required for your child each week. A £33 non-refundable deposit for paid nursery places is required on registration. Except where otherwise agreed by the nursery manager, we also require fees to be paid in advance of the first day attended by your child.

If a place is booked but subsequently no longer needed, an advanced notice period of 4 weeks will be required by the nursery, during which payment of fees still applies.

Full fees will also need to be paid for your child should they be absent e.g. through illness or because they’re away on holiday. This allows us to hold their place open for them. No charges are made by the nursery when it is closed, however.

Certain benefits may be available in some circumstances and our lone parent advisor can be made available to discuss options where applicable.

More Information

Little Acorns Nursery supports Government schemes for free childcare funding for eligible families. Funding can be stretched throughout the year or used only for term time, as preferred. Just a few examples include support for 15 hours of free childcare per week for eligible 2-year-olds, 15 hours of free childcare for 3 and 4-year-olds living in England, 30 hours of free childcare for 3 and 4-year-olds if eligible and Tax-Free Childcare, where appropriate.

We accept all valid and recognised childcare vouchers at Little Acorns Nursery.

Our in-house chef cooks healthy, balanced meals for the children on a daily basis, providing breakfast, lunch and tea as appropriate. Only fresh, high quality ingredients are used and healthy snacks are also provided; once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Our menus are rotated on a three-week basis and can be viewed by parents at any time in the nursery’s kitchen or on this website here.

Special diets are all catered for including vegetarian, vegan etc.

Meals and snacks are all included in our standard nursery fees.

We ask that parents/carers/guardians label children’s clothes and bags with their name. This includes a spare set of clothing that we recommend is brought to the nursery in case of accidents, for example during messy play activities or when children are toilet training.

We know that babies and under-fives may require one or more periods of sleep during their day. So, set rest sessions are built into the day at the nursery. Children can also have additional periods of rest should they require them, or on request from the children’s parents, carers or guardians. Just let us know any special requirements.

Tried and tested techniques like distraction, redirection and time out sessions may occasionally be needed at the nursery in the event of there being any concerning behaviours amongst the children. If you would like to discuss potential scenarios that may take place, and our handling of them should they occur, we would welcome the opportunity.

Staff are able to administer prescribed medicine to your child, if required, so long as we have your written consent to do so.

However, to safeguard other children at the nursery, we ask that children who have any of the following should remain at home:

  • a temperature above 37°C;
  • an upset tummy;
  • sickness (vomiting) or diarrhoea;
  • an infection;
  • a rash e.g. due to Chicken Pox;
  • sore or discharging eyes or ears.

At Little Acorns Nursery, we fully understand that parents’ involvement in their children’s early years education can make a huge, positive impact on their lives. We therefore welcome the involvement of parents in their child’s learning and development and actively encourage a two-way dialogue between them and our nursery staff.

We are also always here to listen to any concerns or matters relating to their child and their time and education at the nursery. Please do feel free to contact our manager for any particular concerns.

The nursery has a defined set of policies and procedures that can be viewed on request. They are usually on view in the nursery’s entrance hall but please do ask a member of staff or the manager if you would like to see or discuss any of them. We’ll be happy to help.

Contact Little Acorns Nursery, Hindley Green:

Typical Feedback from a Parent

I cannot recommend this nursery enough! Joseph started in the baby room at 8 months old and I was really nervous about how he would settle at such a young age and due to the fact he was born during the first lockdown. Four months in and I sometimes think he enjoys nursery more than being at home! The staff treat the children as if they are their own, which is heartwarming to see. I can tell Joseph is genuinely cared for.

For the staff, this is definitely more than just a job. When Joseph had a flare up of his eczema, they immediately put a care plan in place for him to ensure he received the right treatment by all the staff. He comes home with amazing artwork, a book detailing his activities of the day and always has a smile on his face when I pick him up (he’s usually sleepy because they’ve tired him out!). Joseph adores all the staff; he giggles and smiles when we see Nikki and Amy coming to the door! Demi is professional and friendly and is easily contactable regarding any queries. I would not hesitate to recommend this nursery to anyone!

  • Information above includes fees, free childcare funding, childcare vouchers, meals, clothing, sleep, discipline, parental involvement and various nursery protocols.
  • Information above includes fees, free childcare funding, childcare vouchers, meals, clothing, sleep, discipline, parental involvement and various nursery protocols.
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