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Connect With Us on Social Media — for Latest Nursery News & Early Years Information

Connect With Us on Social Media — for Latest Nursery News & Early Years Information

This is a message to parents, guardians and caregivers of children under five, especially if they’re attending Little Acorns Nursery in Hindley Green. Please connect with us on social media to keep up to date with news and useful information. We regularly publish updates including some of the goings-on at the nursery/preschool itself as well as highly useful information about parenting, early years education, childcare, and much more. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and X (formerly Twitter). And, of course, we post highly useful articles right here on our blog. Read on for more details.

“Please connect with us on social media to keep up to date with news and useful information.”

Follow Little Acorns Nursery on Facebook

Subscribe to our Facebook channel, particularly if your child attends Little Acorns Nursery in Hindley Green. Facebook is one of our key social media channels through which parents of our nursery children can see many of the activities they have taken part in. If you follow us, you’ll see the little ones being creative, learning through play, taking part in a wide variety of tasks, playing outside and indoors, going on excursions, and learning while enjoying themselves in many different ways.

We’re @littleacornshindleygreen on Facebook and you can follow us on Facebook here.

Follow Us on Instagram

You can follow us on Instagram too. Little Acorns Nursery publishes a pictorial quick reference and links to many of our super-useful and informative blog posts, plus photos of the children playing, discovering, and learning. It’s especially suited to those who like to scroll for mainly photo-based updates and information on handheld devices like smartphones.

We’re @LittleAcornsHindleyGreen on Instagram and you can follow us on Instagram here.

Follow Us on Pinterest

Little Acorns Nursery has a Pinterest profile too. If you don’t yet use Pinterest, it’s highly recommended as a place to save or view curated ‘pin boards’ of interesting and useful content linked from around the Internet. Our own Pinterest channel has separate pinboards for Little Acorns blog posts, the early years, nature activities for under-fives, early years parenting, sensory activity ideas for little ones, outdoor play, nursery school activities and preschool. We may add more in due course.

On Pinterest, we are @LittleAcornsNurseryWN2, so please follow us on Pinterest here.

Follow Us on X (formerly Twitter)

Little Acorns Nursery is also on X (formerly Twitter) and, if you follow us on that channel, you’ll be able to see our highly useful posts and curated reposts about everything to do with childcare and the early years, as well as activity ideas for under-fives and posts showing what the children and babies have been up to at the nursery/preschool.

We’re @LittleAcornsWN2 on X, so please follow us on X here.

Bookmark Our News Blog

Last but not least, we publish highly useful information relating to children under five – every month – here on the blog. This will be useful whether or not your child attends the nursery as it will include well-researched posts, findings of studies relating to the early years, childcare funding information, interesting articles, updates from the Hindley Green nursery itself, plus a whole lot more. Our news blog can be found here (once there, you can bookmark it simply by clicking Ctrl + d on your keyboard).

Please Leave Us a Review

If you are a happy parent of a child at our Hindley Green nursery, we’d love it if you would be kind enough to leave us some positive feedback. Here are some options:

Of course, if there is anything you’re not happy about, please get in touch so that we can remedy it right away.

Many thanks!

Little Acorns Nursery, Hindley Green

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Little Acorns Nursery & Pre-School in Hindley Green, near Wigan, Bolton & ManchesterLittle Acorns Nursery in Hindley Green is rated as a good childcare provider by Ofsted.Little Acorns is a very good nursery & preschool, located in Hindley Green. That’s also close to Wigan, Bickershaw, Leigh, Atherton, Westhoughton, Ince-in-Makerfield, Platt Bridge, Tyldesley, Bolton and Greater Manchester. So, if you have a child under five and live near any of those locations, do consider Little Acorns for your weekday childcare. We’re rated by Ofsted as a ‘Good Provider’ of childcare and early years education and also support various free Government childcare funding schemes for eligible families. Most importantly, though, we give babies, toddlers and preschoolers the very best start in life by bringing out the best in each one. If you’d like your child to absolutely thrive and live in the Wigan area, please get in touch: